Probot is a high-tech robot company located in Oulu, Finland. We provide custom project design and implementation for various platforms in robotics and automation. Our services include software implementation, customisation and improvements for existing systems.

The company was founded in 2006 to fulfil the gap between the research world and industry. The vision of the company is to transfer results of research world to the end-users and real world applications.

Latest news in

Probot Modular Robotics

The ProbotModules™ are ideal for fast developing of mobile robot applications. The ProbotModules™ product family is about to expand soon! In the meanwhile read more here

Barrett WAM™ arm

BarrettHand™ - multi-fingered programmable grasper with the dexterity to secure target objects of different sizes, shapes, and orientations.

WAM™ - highly dexterous, naturally backdrivable manipulator.

Kinova Technologies - Jaco arm

JACO is the "helping hand" that gives you the freedom and ability to adapt to the world around you. 6 Degrees of freedom handled safely, with maximum payload of 1,5 kg and this unique manipulator weights only 5 kg.

F & P PersonalRobotics

Intutive, flexible and safe automation component (no protection device required)
  • No safeguards are needed
  • Quick integration
  • Fast, efficient programming
  • Teach per hand possible
  • Short pay back period

Shadow Robot

Shadow Dexterous Hand takes a truly anthropomorphic approach to robot manipulation. With 20 actuated degrees of freedom, position and force sensors, and ultra sensitive touch sensors on the fingertips, the hand provides unique capabilities for problems that require the closest approximation of the human hand currently possible.

PAL Robotics

The world´s most advanced humanoid robots will be available now!
  • Service robot
  • Guide robot
  • Entertainer
  • Tele-assistance
  • ...And beyond