Teollisuusrobotti tarttumassa nostamaan hihnalta levypinoja.

Robotic cell for palletising furniture board packages

Robotic cell for palletising

Kuvassa kaksi teollisuusrobottia aidatussa tilassa.

Robotic cell for loading the machining centre

Machine tending

Welding trajectories with the help of virtual reality and haptic gloves

EU project: EDISON

3D-malli aidatusta robottisolusta

Robot cell for automatic drive and processing objects

Pre-processing cell

Robottikäsi kuvattuna radalla

Robot cell for automatic drive and operation of machine tools


Mobile robot for factory logistics

Omron LD90

Mobile robot for small-scale farming


Robotic cell with machine vision for a wide variety of tasks

Delta robot

Mobile robot with robotic arm for research

Custom mobile robot

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