Together to the top of probotics!

Our team has extensive competence and strong experience from industrial sectors. We’re a reliable expert partner and you can rest assured we know what we’re doing.

Our modest goal is to be a pioneer in robotics in Finland. We’ll take over the rest of the world later. Maybe even tomorrow.


Get to know our team!

Four happy colleagues posing.

Let's get to know each other better!

Get to know our top team!

Do you know who’s our team’s XR wizard or mobile robot expert? And who’s most likely to cause the worst earworms or biggest fits of laughter?

Do you know our story?

The Probot story began in a garage. So how did we end up in a comfortable office space and tackle challenges while also considerably growing our team?

Get to know our strategy!

Our strategy, “Better Probotics”, shares our mission, vision and values. Read our strategy to learn about us as a partner!

The Probot strategy

Better Probotics

Our strategy, “Better probotics” aims at the comprehensive development of our company’s activities and will be implemented in phases in the period 2022–2025.


Our mission

We integrate robotics into work communities.

We strongly believe that there is work for humans and work for robots. Allocating heavy, dangerous, dirty and repetitive tasks to robots enables people to focus on more humane work that involves creativity. Companies make full use of their resources when robots operate as tools alongside people, and this also has a positive effect on employee well-being.

Our vision

We are a pioneer in robotics in Finland.

Our team has extensive competence and strong experience from various fields of industry. Thanks to our curiosity and bravery, we’ve been able to participate in challenging EU projects, get involved in a Europe-wide network and work together with the tops of our industry. Our customer projects enable us to make further use of these skills, and our team gets to further develop their competence.

Our values

We wish that all our operations convey our values, as they genuinely reflect what we are.

Customer-driven approach

We wish to provide our customers with optimal solutions and reap success together. We serve as an expert partner to our customers.


You can trust our word. With our northern Finnish, honest and upright approach, we deliver what we promise.

Constant development

We aim at true excellence. We constantly develop our activities and competence. We train new employees into specialists.

Caring for others

A good team spirit, collaboration, learning and satisfied customers are essential to us. Our activities will increasingly reflect responsibility and sustainable development.

Once upon a time…

All credible stories start with a dark and stormy night or in someone’s garage, right? Well, that’s also true for us. The Probot saga has been going on for nearly two decades by now.

It all began in the Tikanmäki brothers’ garage in 2006, when Matti and Antti were still working as researchers at the University of Oulu. The brothers realised that there was a need for a link between the world of research and industry for disseminating information. The company continues to be involved in many development projects today, including EU projects, and collaborates with various research institutes.

But how did this company take the leap from a garage to a proper office space in Metsokangas, Oulu? And how did a handful of employees grow into a company that employs around twenty people today despite the coronavirus crisis?

Read the full story!

Founders of Probot Oy pose with props.


Did you know that…

Official introductions often leave out many funny stories. For the sake of fairness, we’ll also share some insider knowledge with you so you’ll find it easier to get an idea of our team!


Number of degrees in our team

Our team has extensive competence in robotics and automation, but did you know we also employ a physicist, a gardener, a life coach and a physical therapist?

And of course, one bass player.


Total pets owned by our team

Our team members love their pets! We have a total of 16 pets among us. They include some furry and not-so-furry friends, from a mongrel to a Coton de Tuléar and from a domestic shorthair to a Bengal cat. And of course our #BadProbotDog!


Cups of coffee we drink over the week

We’ve known for pouring a steaming cup of the tastiest coffee for anyone coming to our office, including our team and any guests. No wonder our team are often craving a cup!

Probotics at Probot

What's it like to work with us?

Many of our team members find that our great can-do attitude and team spirit and freedom choose our tasks are the best things at Probot. Teamwork makes work meaningful and our employees get to influence the content of their work days.
We’ve also been praised for our Gyro Gearloose-like spirit, as we like to do all kinds of inventive things around here.

Get to know our career stories!

A man smiles at the camera at his desk.

Click on the photos and get to know our team better!

Roosa Hyvärinen

Marketing Coordinator

+358 41 7254 968

Toni Autio

Automation Engineer

+358 45 783 613 69

Aleksi Tyni

Project Coordinator

+358 45 783 612 00


Office dog

Minna Haarala

Art Director

Pauliina Ojakangas

Marketing Designer

Kari Anunti

Robotics Expert

Veikko Terho

Automation Engineer

+358 45 783 544 68

Eetu Koskela

Mechanical Designer

Juha Polvela

Project Coordinator

Janne Paaso

Production Engineer

Eemeli Mutanen

Automation Engineer

Jani Juntikka

Automation Engineer

Jani Rytkö

Automation Engineer

045 783 920 66

Jani Tyni

Project Coordinator

Risto Kotajärvi

Production Engineer

Aki Panuma

Software Developer

Mika Taskila

Mechanical Designer

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