Mobility expands robot applications

Although we’ve pretty much lost our hearts to robotics and automation, mobile robotics is our number one passion! We design and produce various mobile robots that move automatically on wheels. We provide solutions to both outdoor and indoor spaces and for transporting various loads. We’re also integrating OMRON and KUKA mobile robots into our production. We’re also your Unitree Robotics robot dog distributor in Europe.

We’d love to be your partner if you wish to investigate the opportunities mobile robotics could bring to your operations.

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Versatile mobile robots

Our range (we’ve heard it’s pretty impressive!)

Customised solutions

Based on your needs, we develop and customise wheeled mobile platforms for outdoor and indoor use.

Versatile Dolly™

Developed by us, Dolly™ is a customisable mobile robot also suitable for logistics solutions in industrial environments.

OMRON™ mobile robots

We’re an OMRON Certified Partner. This means that our product range also includes OMRON™ mobile robots.

KUKA mobile robots

We’re also a KUKA Official System Partner. Our product range also includes heavy-duty KUKA mobile robots.

Unitree robot dog

The robot dog has versatile uses, for instance in indoor and outdoor logistics and in various guarding, inspection and detection tasks.

Let's make robots mobile!

We have a passion.

We find that it’s a pleasure to be passionate about what you’re doing. Our passion lies in mobile robotics – or should we say MobileProbotics. In fact, we believe that the next generation of robotics and its efficient utilisation will be based on robot mobility.

As its name suggests, mobile robotics means making automation mobile. This allows considerably expanding robot applications. In the extreme case, you’ll have access to the entire air space, terrain and, in increasing amounts, also bodies of water. Various sensors that enable making observations on the environment, such as cameras and lasers, can also be installed in mobile robots. They enable mobile robots to avoid obstacles and give way to people.

Our genuine and deep passion for mobile robotics has been a major factor influencing our work right from the start of establishing the company. This passion is reflected in our day-to-day operations: We offer a variety of mobile robot platforms that we utilise in the concepts we create for our customers. We’re also involved in developing mobile robotics in Europe and are active in participating in various EU projects and international robotics competitions to stay on the cutting edge of mobile robotics. We also closely collaborate with the Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group (BISG) at the University of Oulu to develop mobile robotics.

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Intralogistics solutions

Automated intralogistics

The use of automated intralogistics is becoming rapidly more common. Robotics enable the smooth and safe transfer of goods, for instance in production facilities and storage spaces. In fact, useful mobile robots have been designed to also optimise indoor logistics processes that are heavy, repetitive, monotonous or dangerous to humans.

In this context, intralogistics does not refer to the operations of a single robot but instead forms a standalone entity. Safety and security, task management, situation picture and integration into the environment are also significantly related to intralogistics.


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Mobile robots for outdoor applications

Outdoor robots

In practice, outdoor robotics involves similar automation as any automation implemented in an indoor space. However, the key to outdoor robotics is that everything is affected by the prevailing weather conditions, and the robot may have to move in a challenging terrain.

Outdoor robotics can be utilised in contexts such as logistics, field robotics and crisis management tasks.

A man guides a big field robot towards the field.

Quadruped mobile robot

Robot dog

A robot dog is a mobile robot that moves on four legs by walking, running or even dancing. New applications for mobile robots are constantly emerging. Don’t let the sympathetic appearance fool you – this is much more than just a toy. The robot dog has versatile uses, for instance in indoor and outdoor logistics and in various guarding, inspection and detection tasks. A quadruped mobile robot can go where you can’t go with wheels.

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Mobile robotics FAQ

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