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Probot as an employer

We find it important that our employees are always happy to come to work. Flexibility, interesting job descriptions and excellent team spirit are part of comprehensive well-being at work.


We offer our employees comprehensive health and travel insurance for both work and leisure!

You’ll never run out of coffee!

Enjoy a wide selection of teas and snacks – and not forgetting coffee – at our office.

Team days

Team building matters a lot to us. That’s why we organise team days four times a year!

Interesting projects

As a part of our team, you’ll get to take on versatile work tasks and participate in a wide range of projects as a member of a top team.

Education opportunities

We encourage learning! You’ll get to participate in training or complete a whole new degree alongside work.


Our employees annually receive the Smartum benefit for well-being, exercise, and cultural services.

Employee testimonials

We’ve got it going on!

Toni Autio, member of the Probot team:

“Challenges make the work meaningful. It’s highly rewarding that a long project ends with a working robotic cell or a production machine that the customer is also satisfied with. I’m looking forward to what’s to come.”

Eino Niemelä, summer employee:

“Probot is a great place to work! You get to learn lots of new things here and there’s never a dull day. The tasks are versatile and you learn a lot from them. If you’re into technology, I can warmly recommend this place!”

Jani Juntikka, member of the Probot team:

“I can definitely recommend Probot as an employer! We’ve got lots of good things going and a great atmosphere, versatile tasks and an awesome staff.”

Jani Rytkö, member of the Probot team:

“Probot is an interesting workplace. Here, you get to have a say on what your job involves based on your personal interests. I’ve also had a chance to try many different tasks here.”

Career stories

Mies hymyilee kameralle ja nojaa isoon robottikoiraan vierellään. Käsissään hän pitelee robottikoiran ohjainta.


From Student to Software Developer

Software developer Aki Panuma's career at Probot started with project periods during his studies.

Taustalla toisella puolella mies ohjaa robotti avirtuaalitodellisuuslasit päässään ja toisella puolella näkyy robotti virtuaalitodellisuusympäristössä. Kuvan päällä on RIMA-hankken logo sekä teksti MIMIC.


MIMIC – Robot teleoperation using virtual reality

In this EU project implemented under the RIMA project, we used virtual reality and robotics to perform industrial inspection and maintenance tasks.

Probot Oy:n tiimi poseeraa ryhmäkuvassa. Etualalla kaksi miestä: CTO Antti Tikanmäki ja CEO Matti Tikanmäki. Taka-alalla näkyy kaikki loput 18 työntekijää sekä robottikoira.


From Coronavirus Crisis to Growth

We are in the middle of an intense period of growth at Probot Oy. Our company, founded in the Tikanmäki brothers' garage, currently employs twenty people, and we are expanding our premises even further.

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