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Man smiles in front of a robot.

See our blog for articles by our experts!

A man smiles and leans on a white mobile robot.


3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Mobile Robot

Mobile robotics can offer numerous benefits in different industries and revolutionise the industrial playground. What are the three most important reasons to get a mobile robot?

Mies seisoo pöydän takana. Pöydällä on OMRONin yhteityörobotti, jota mies säätää.


Will Robots Steal Your Job?

Tuotannon ja logistiikan automatisointi yleistyy kovaa vauhtia, mutta herättää edelleen myös ennakkoluuloja. Voiko robotti korvata ihmisen?


10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Robot Dog

The robot dog that gathers looks also arouses a lot of interest, and naturally also questions. We listed the 10 questions we've been asked the most about robot dogs – with answers, of course!

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