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Dolly™ is an agile and customisable mobile robot, suitable for a wide range of logistics solutions, for example in a factory environment.

Dolly™ is a domestic invention!
It has been designed, developed and manufactured in Finland – more precisely in Oulu, in our own premises!

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A white mobile robot on wheels with a white robotic arm and a black gripper.

Here comes Dolly™!

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Agilely, load by load.

Dolly™ is particularly useful for various research experiments, indoor logistics solutions and swarm robotics implementations. It is also the perfect solution for mobile manipulation, i.e. when a robotic arm needs to be connected to a mobile robot.

Narrow and low spaces or ramps and small thresholds are not too much of a challenge for Dolly™.

Dolly™ is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Technical details

A white mobile robot on wheels with a white robotic arm and a black gripper.


Domestic robotic innovation

Over the years, we have seen and tested, as well as designed and built, a wide range of mobile robots of all shapes and sizes. Practically all this experience and knowledge accumulated over the years is crystallised in Dolly™ as a result of long-term product development.

We discovered that there are many smaller mobile robots on the market, as well as much larger and clumsier ones. However, in Dolly’s size range, there were very few alternatives. We therefore decided to develop a medium sized mobile robot product ourselves, which is perfect in terms of programmability, modularity, replicability and customisability. In addition to these features, Dolly has been developed with a particular focus on agility in small spaces.

Dolly™ is a 100% Finnish invention and the result of long-term product development.






Technical info

A white mobile robot on wheels with a white robotic arm and a black gripper.


Dolly’s technical details

Load capacity: 100 kg

Turning radius: turns in place

Operating time: up to 8 hours

Weight: 30 kg

Width: 470 mm
Length: 600 mm
Height: 240 mm

Close-up of a white mobile robot on wheels.


Technical details of the robotic arm

Lifting capacity: 4 kg

Outreach: 902 mm

Degrees of freedom: 7 DoF

You can attach a robotic arm to the dolly as an accessory.

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Close-up of a white robotic arm and a black gripper.


The perfect mobile robot

  • Developed and manufactured in Finland.
  • Long operating time.
  • Moves in a small space.
  • Can also travel agilely outdoors (cycle paths, bridges, parks).
  • Can operate in the same spaces with a human.
  • Crosses small thresholds and runs on ramps.
  • Takes up only as much space as a person’s shoulders.
  • Also suitable for use in a robot swarm.


  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Collection
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Measurements

Customizable according to the task.

A mobile robot with a white robotic arm and a smiling man standing behind it. The man is wearing a pink Probot logo on his shirt.

Versatile Dolly™

Check out the video to see how agile Dolly’s movements are. Narrow and low spaces or ramps or small steps aren’t too much for it to handle. Dolly™ can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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