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We serve as a link between the world of research and industry in EU funded projects. Together with other European top experts, we develop and create the latest technological solutions that help improve the sustainability and profitability of production, in agriculture and industry.

Two employees are building a field robot outdoors.

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EU project Recirculate

Robotics for battery recycling

Recirculate addresses the most pressing challenges facing the European battery recycling sector and battery logistics. The main objective of the project is to improve the efficiency of battery repair, reuse, remanufacturing and recycling. Our task is to integrate and test an AI-based, robotised electric car batteries dismantling and sorting system.


EU project Mind4Machines

Robotisation of tasks that require manual dexterity

Many industrial processes remain being executed manually due to the necessary dexterity to perform them and their complexity to be replicated and automated. In Mind4Machines project Robots Imitate Magos (RIM) we utilize a sensorized glove (Magos) developed by Quanta & Qualla to gather information of hand movements, and translate them into a tangible set of instructions and trajectories that can be fed to diverse combinations of robot and a gripper models designed by SIEMENS.


Mind4Machines M4M eu-project logo

EU project AgROBOfood

Field robot

In the AgROBOfood project, we’re developing a robotised platform for equipment that will enable identifying the phenotypes of grain growing in fields and eliminate plants that are unsuitable for breeding and impair yield. This enables accelerating the seed breeding process and facilitates faster development of different varieties, also for rising up to the challenges brought by climate change.


A man guides a big field robot towards the field.

EU project FlexiGroBots

An automatised platform for task management

The aim of the FlexiGroBots project is to develop a new, open platform for the task management of heterogeneous multi-robot systems to improve the efficiency of precision farming.

The platform developed in the project will enable using the same robots diversely for various tasks and functions. In this project, we utilise the same robot as in the AgROBOfood project.


A man is standing next to a field robot in a field.

EU project Rima – Mimic

Maintenance and observation using mobile robotics and virtual reality

We’ve partnered with the Greek Quanta & Qualia in the MIMIC project. Together, we’re developing a demo that will indicate how virtual reality and mobile robotics can be used in the oil, gas and chemical industry for performing inspections and maintenance duties. The project utilises haptic Magos gloves.


A man is standing in front of his desk, controlling the robot via virtual reality. On the front robotic arm is pressing buttons.

EU project Demeter

Smart farming

The goal of DEMETER is to lead the digital transformation of the European agri-food sector through the rapid adoption of advanced IoT technologies, data science and smart farming, ensuring its long-term viability and sustainability. The project is focused on creating a top-range user interface for the operation of multi-purpose digital environments in agriculture. Our task is to integrate the project results into an operational demonstration.


Close up of a field robot at the field.

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Taustalla kuva sähköauton latauksesta, jonka päällä on RECIRCULATE-logo.


A Lithium Bomb in Electric Car Batteries

At the last meeting of the consortium of the Recirculate project, the extent of the problems of the circular economy of electric car batteries became very clear to our team. This project is a significant step towards solving these challenges.

Mind4Machines hankkeen alaisen RIM -projektin tiimiläisiä


Robot with Dexterous Fingers?

Many industrial processes are still carried out manually due to the complexity of automating tasks that require dexterity. To simplify the automation of these processes, we participated in an EU-funded Open Call project called Robots Imitate MAGOS (RIM for short). The project took place in collaboration with the Greek MAGOS team and the German Siemens, […]

Taustalla toisella puolella mies ohjaa robotti avirtuaalitodellisuuslasit päässään ja toisella puolella näkyy robotti virtuaalitodellisuusympäristössä. Kuvan päällä on RIMA-hankken logo sekä teksti MIMIC.


MIMIC – Robot teleoperation using virtual reality

In this EU project implemented under the RIMA project, we used virtual reality and robotics to perform industrial inspection and maintenance tasks.

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