EU project: EDISON

The WeldGalaxy Open Innovation Pilot (OIP) project EDISON was implemented in cooperation with Magos, a company from Greece. The six-month project included developing new methods for programming welding trajectories using the MAGOS platform.

Our goal in the EDISON project was to implement a virtual reality (VR) operating environment, program an application programming interface between the VR and the physical robots and enable the use of Magos’ haptic gloves in the VR environment.

The haptic gloves enable users to get a tactile sensation in a VR environment when touching objects and a keyboard in the VR environment. The VR environment we’ve created enables selecting an object for welding, marking the welding trajectory and initiating welding using the glove and finger movements.

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Teollisuusrobotti tarttumassa nostamaan hihnalta levypinoja.

Robotic cell for palletising furniture board packages

Robotic cell for palletising

The picture shows two industrial robots in a fenced area.

Robotic cell for loading the machining centre

Machine tending

3D-malli aidatusta robottisolusta

Robot cell for automatic drive and processing objects

Pre-processing cell

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