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In the FullPheno project, which is carried out under the AgROBOfood project, we’re developing a robotised platform for equipment that will enable identifying the phenotypes of grains growing in fields and eliminate plants that impair yield and are unsuitable for breeding . This enables accelerating the seed breeding process and facilitates faster development of different varieties, also rising up for to the challenges brought by climate change.

A man guides a big field robot towards the field.



The FullPheno project improves and robotises machine intelligence for high-resolution full canopy observation in phenotyping and monitoring. It will be licensed as an interoperable software component for customers in R&D in agriculture and robotics companies.

FullPheno is a co-development project that will:

  • Speed up the adoption of field robots by providing an interoperable, powerful machine vision component for full canopy phenotyping and monitoring to be integrated with any field robot platform.
  • Develop the necessary robot components for varying levels of automation of full canopy phenotyping.
  • Demonstrate the value of full-canopy observation in current industrial processes and the paradigm shift enabled by robotic technologies.
  • Disseminate and commercialize the results.

Coordinator: Yield Systems Oy (Finland)
Funding: agROBOfood Open Call
Technology partner: Probot Oy (Finland)
End users: Ackermann Saatzucht GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Apsovsementi S.P.A (Italy)
DIH: LUKE Digilnno Services (Finland) and Danish Technological Institute (Denmark)


Close up of grains growing in the field.

EU project


The aim of the AgROBOfood project is to build a European ecosystem for the effective adoption of robotics technologies in the agri-food sector to make the agri-food sector more efficient and competitive. At the core of this EU-funded project lie innovation experiments which are organised and monitored by Digital Innovation Hubs.

The Digital Innovation Hub network supports companies in digitalisation by bringing together various stakeholders from robotics, agriculture, R&D and the business world. The network that will be expanded and strengthened during the project already includes 49 Digital Innovation Hubs and 12 Centres of Excellence.

AgROBOfood also organises open calls that aim at attracting and funding new innovation experiments and industrial challenges. A total of EUR 8 million will be allocated directly to the benefit of SMEs via the calls.

Field robot at the field.

Effective field robot

Our field robot is ten metres long and three and a half metres high.

Each of its wheels has a drive capacity and the end units are equipped with both rotation and suspension. The linear comprises three two-and-a-half-metre long modules.

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