EU project: Afarcloud

In the Afarcloud project, we were involved in developing a robotic soil measurement system for agriculture. Our job was to build demo equipment for soil density measurement.

The demo measurement robot is operated with the Mission Management Tool software tool developed in the Afarcloud project. Using the tool, the user enters the desired measurement frequency for the selected area, and the measurement robot submits the data collected from the field in real-time for utilisation by the user. This makes it possible to extract samples more frequently and obtain more accurate soil compaction data. The mobile measurement robot that performs measurements autonomously also allows the farmer to focus on other tasks.

More information about the project:

Afarcloud is a project funded by ECSEL and Business Finland whose aim is to provide a solution for the financial challenges faced by the agricultural sector. The project involved developing a platform that joins different agricultural systems, enabling their integration into a real-time system to improve productivity, efficiency, animal health and food quality and reduce workforce costs. The aim of the platform is to enable the supervision of farm operations and decision-making based on big data and real-time data collection.

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