Versatile Summer Jobs Support Careers


Kaksi miestä seisoo iloisena vierekkäin työvaatteet päällään.. Toinen miehistä osoittaa vihkoa ja katsoo työkaveriaan.

Summer jobs and studies support each other. You can learn lots of different things at work, which are also useful in studies. Versatile work tasks help you advance your career. Being active in the summer job can lead to excellent career opportunities. Our summer employees Eino Niemelä, Jani Juntikka, and Jani Rytkö talk about what it’s like to work at Probot.

Coincidences and Networks

Summer jobs can be found in surprising ways. Whether it’s a funny coincidence, a job advertisement or a hidden job, being active when looking for work is the key. Interest takes you far, and you can find job opportunities in surprising ways.

-I ended up working at Probot through a pretty funny coincidence. I study mechanical engineering at Lapland University of Applied Sciences. In contact instruction periods, we often drive with our study friends on the highway past Kaakkuri. While driving, my friend saw a Probot sign from the car. The sign is located at the end of Probot’s office building, and you can see it when driving the highway at Metsokangas and Kaakkuri in Oulu. I found out about the company and applied for a summer job here, Probot’s summer employee Jani Juntikka says.

-The company sounded like a place where I could realize my dream of combining two fields: my previous training as an IT engineer and my ongoing training in mechanical engineering, Juntikka adds.

Eino Niemelä, who spent two summers working at Probot, heard about the company from a friend.

-I found out that my friend has an interesting job at Probot. After hearing more about the job and the company, I got interested. I study information technology at the university and decided to apply for a job as a programmer during my summer holidays. Now I’ve been working as a summer employee at Probot for the second year, says Niemelä.

You can also find a summer job by looking up companies in your field.

-I am studying for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and I specialize in mechatronics. While looking for summer jobs, I browsed automation companies in Oulu, and that’s how I found Probot, Rytkö tells.

Summer Jobs and School Support Each Other

Work experience is very useful in studies. In practical tasks, you can learn more deeply about things that might be covered rather superficially in school.

-In my summer job, I have done lots of programming. The tasks have included, for example, programming robot cells and developing machine vision applications. This summer I have also been working on virtual reality. I have learned more deeply about things that we study less in school, Niemelä says.

In the programmer’s summer job, Eino Niemelä has been able to work with, for example, virtual reality.

The summer job of mechanical engineering student Jani Rytkö has included programming, electrical design, and electrical drawings.

-I gain knowledge from the summer jobs for my studies as well. During this summer job, my interests have become more specific. In the fall, I plan to change my study plan to courses that support my goals better, Rytkö, who specializes in mechatronics, thinks.

Work experience helps to strengthen your study plans. Juntikka’s dream is to combine his current mechanical engineering education with his career as an information technology engineer.

-This experience has strengthened my understanding of why I started to study more in the first place, Juntikka rejoices.

Interesting Work at Probot

You get the most out of summer jobs when you get to do a variety of tasks that interest you.

-The best thing about a summer job has been a certain freedom to do things. In many places, the work is done with time card maintenance from eight to four. Here at Probot, you can influence working hours and their planning yourself. Teamwork is nice when the tasks are not only your responsibility, Rytkö says.

An employee connects wires by the electrical cabinet.
You learn new things in versatile work tasks. In the photo, Jani Juntikka connects wires to the PLC test device.

Jani Juntikka has previously gained work experience only in larger organizations.

-It has been nice to be working in the summer after a break of twenty years. To my delight, I have noticed that combining fields is possible, and there is a lot to learn. This time it was nice to work in a smaller, growing company. In a good way, there is a Gyro Gearloose vibe here: we do lots of different things boldly. It’s nice to do interesting work with industry professionals. There’s a great atmosphere and team spirit here!

Working with a team brings meaning to work. It is important to get help and advice. You learn a lot from the team members, and the tasks are not the responsibility of just one person.

-The team here is very welcoming, and you get advice when you ask. The work atmosphere is good, and working closely with the team has been really nice, Rytkö says.

-Probot is a great place to work! You get to learn lots of new things here and there’s never a dull day. The tasks are versatile and you learn a lot from them. If you’re into technology, I can warmly recommend this place, Niemelä advises.

After finishing the summer work, Jani Juntikka has continued at Probot as a full-time employee.

Olli-Pekka Nikka, who worked as Niemelä’s instructor, would advise the summer worker to delve into things that interest them.

-As a summer employee, you should find your own area, which is particularly interesting and delve into it. In summer work, time is limited, so it’s not a good idea to tackle too big a piece at once. You’ll more likely get the feeling that you really learned something, Nikka advises.

Two smiling men work side by side at their workstations.
When supervising a summer employee, the instructor can also learn a lot of new things. In the photo, Eino Niemelä (left) and Olli-Pekka Nikka, who worked as an instructor.

Many jobs are so-called hidden jobs, that cannot be found in public searches. This also applies to summer jobs, and that’s why you should be proactive when looking for them. At best, summer jobs in your field can lead to an employment contract alongside or after school. Every work experience teaches something new and helps you advance in your career. Summer jobs are a great opportunity to network and learn about your field through practical tasks.

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