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Tyttö istuu koneen äärellä ja harjoittelee käyttämään 3D-mallinnus ohjelmaa

The last work experience program trainees of the year finished their traineeships a week ago, and now we are sharing the experiences of these two bright young people. During their work experience program, they practiced 3D modeling with Blender.

Emilia and One Trainee (the name one of our trainees wanted to use in the story) were both on the move well in advance and secured their places at Probot already in September. Before the learning period, we communicated with them about practical issues and sent them our company’s trainee guide. We have collected a concise information package, including information about arrival, the traineeship supervisors and our company’s general policies in the guide.

It was really great to be able to introduce young people to our activities, the world of work, and the technology sector. We also wanted to give them the opportunity to reflect on their interests and whether there was something in our field that they would (or wouldn’t) like to do in the future.

A doughnut made with Blender by a trainee during the learning period.

During the week, the youngsters carried out various tasks both independently and together. One longer task was 3D modeling with Blender, supervised by our software engineer Olli-Pekka Nikka. One of the trainees had used the program more in the past, but both were always able to ask Olli-Pekka for further instructions and guidance. With personal guidance, there was no need to get stuck in challenging areas. In addition, the young people can continue to use Blender at home if they wish.

Take a look below (video or text) at the young people’s thoughts on why they chose us, what they got to do during their training, what they learned, and what they thought was the best thing about the work experience program.

Why Did You Choose Probot for Your Work Experience Program?

– I applied for a work experience program at Probot because I am interested in technology and robotics. This company is located quite close by, which also influenced my decision to apply here, One Trainee says.

– I have always been interested in robotics, technology, and engineering. I found Probot from You Can! Girls and Technology -project. I’ve also been in a technology class, so I thought I’d probably like it here. I wanted to learn something new about robotics, Emilia reflects.

What Kind of Things Did You Get To Do During Your Traineeship?

– Here at Probot, I got to do many things and learn about many professions. For example, I was introduced to 3D modeling using the Blender application. I also got to interview people from the company about their work and educational background, something you probably wouldn’t get to do in many other companies, says One Trainee.

– I got to interview employees who also helped me whenever I didn’t know something. We went through the weekly timetables and what Probot does. I practiced using Blender and did a robotics course with another trainee. At the end of the day, we always wrote down the day’s progress in a notebook, and the next morning we went through the questions and answers, says Emilia.

What Did You Learn?

– During the week, I learned how to use and exploit the Blender application in robotics. I also learned what it’s like to work in a smaller technology company and what kind of professions and jobs there are. I had no idea about any of the above (apart from Blender) before this, One Trainee explains.

– The week really changed my perception of the technology sector and technology companies and practices, especially at a practical level. I used to think that tech companies were made up of people with roughly similar educational backgrounds. But I no longer think that after this week. I was also surprised by how wide one person’s area of responsibility can be and by the variety of tasks one can end up doing in one job, One Trainee adds.

– I learned more about using Blender and coding a robot. I learned about the uses of robots, and my perception of the technology sector became more positive and better. I got the idea that it is possible to come from almost any field and enter this field. I also learned that you learn a lot of new things on the job and that it pays to do what you like, Emilia sums up.

What Was the Best Part?

– For me, the best part of the TET period was getting to know how this company works, and especially learning more about 3D modelling and what it can actually be used for. I also found it quite interesting to get to know how the robot works and to learn about robotics and how they are used. In retrospect, I’m particularly pleased that I decided to apply for a work experience program at Probot, One Trainee says.

– I learned a lot of new things and about working in general. Plus, the people here are really nice, and all in all it’s been really nice to be here. The tasks were fun, and I learned a lot. My favourite thing was probably interviewing the employees, Emilia reflects.

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