Halfway Through the FlexiGroBots Project


The FlexiGroBots project has progressed successfully in the construction of an innovative artificial intelligence platform enabling efficient precision farming operations and the management of multi-robot systems.

We are involved in the EU-funded FlexiGroBots project, which started at the beginning of 2021, and has now reached the halfway point. The project successfully builds an innovative artificial intelligence platform, which is used for efficient precision farming operations and the management of multi-robot systems. Precision farming means allocating work only to the required area. Spot farming enables, for example, to target the application of fertilizers or plant protection agents in the fields. The substances in question are only applied to the area that needs them, instead of being applied to the entire field. This improves the economics of farms and reduces the environmental burden of farming.

The project has three pilots in different parts of Europe. We are participating in the Finnish pilot, where multi-robot systems, robotics data management, and precision farming are being piloted in the cultivation of rapeseed and forage grass. VTT, Natural resource center (Luonnonvarakeskus Luke), and Mtech Digital Solutions are also participating in the pilot. In piloting, the equipment is presented in an authentic environment for the end user.

In the FlexiGroBots project, we use the field robot we developed in another EU-funded project (AgROBOfood). We are developing an automated platform for the field robot, which enables the remote control and use of the connected arm robot and the weeding tool. These are intended to be used to test the removal of yarrows from grass fields. Yarrows are upright grasses, i.e. weeds. By using the camera to guide the tool and remove the weed, plant diseases and insect pests can also be observed.

Go to the website of the FlexiGroBots project here.

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