We have been involved in brainstorming equipment for the functional workshop Bottila, in connection with the SUPERNATURAL exhibition at the Oulu Art Museum in cooperation with the employees of the Art Museum and the Tietomaa. We also reprogrammed one of our old robots and donated it to the Bottila for the duration of the exhibition. Without Markus Alves Bento, who is our intern, we would not have ended up with this interesting project.


SUPERNATURAL is an international exhibition of contemporary art. Its core is formed by hyper-realistic sculptures, but a number of video works and a series of photographs are also included. The exhibition reflects on humanity, its future and the relationship between humans and their living and technologically produced companions. Bottila, which is in connection with the exhibition, is a space where you can explore how to make visual traces using kinaesthetic and programmable devices. Traces and marks can be made in many different ways – by yourself or by using mechanical devices or instruments.

Markus our intern was also interested to work with the Museum and Science Center Luuppi (which includes the Oulu Art Museum and Tietomaa, among others) and that led Matti Tikanmäki our CEO to contact them to inquire if they would have any projects that would use Markus’ skills. Long story short in the beginning in the spring, Markus and Matti met with the representatives of the Art Museum and Tietomaa to come up with ideas for equipment for visitors to use in Bottila. From various proposals a drawing pendulum swing, designed by Markus, was finally selected, as well as an old delta robot from our warehouse, which required some TLC before it could be used again.

The old delta robot that we donate to the Art Museum for the duration of the exhibition was built by us in 2014 and was originally used to test circuit boards. Now the robot was refurbished and reprogrammed to act as an artist. In honor of its new life, it was renamed as Artinator. It draws its user as a machine part, according to the chosen characteristics.



The drawing pendulum swing was build by Markus in the Tietomaa’s workshop in collaboration with the Tietomaa’s personnel. The pendulum makes marks on the paper with a marker and a drawing plane that moves in pendulum motion. The pattern can be changed by adding different weight stones on different spots on the drawing plane.


The drawing pendulum swing, designed by Markus, as resently completed still at the Tietomaa workshop


You can visit the SUPERNATURAL exhibition at the Oulu Art Museum until 17 October 21. Try out the drawing pendulum swing and other equipment in Bottila every day from 1 pm to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 4 pm and on Sat – Sun also from 11 am to 12 noon (check the opening hours on the Art Museum ‘s website). In accordance with the covid-19 restrictions the number of people allowed to Bottila at once is limited.

Go to Oulu Art Museum and test Artinator and see what kind of machine part you will be, and what kind of different patterns you can create with Markus’ pendulum!

SUPERNATURAL exhibition: