Custom mobile robot

A man uses a shovel to lift wood chips onto a mobile robot.

One of the custom mobile robot platforms we’ve produced is used for research at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The robot was designed for trajectory and path analysis. The robot is used in investigating and testing various mobile technologies. The Schunk GmbH arm integrated into the robot platform has also been utilised in the research and development of force control. The robot is equipped with a ROS interface that meets the customer’s needs and makes the robot easy to adapt and implement in different applications.

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Teollisuusrobotti tarttumassa nostamaan hihnalta levypinoja.

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Robotic cell for palletising

The picture shows two industrial robots in a fenced area.

Robotic cell for loading the machining centre

Machine tending

Welding trajectories with the help of virtual reality and haptic gloves

EU project: EDISON

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