Wood milling machine

3D-malli puujyrsin-robotista

We designed and implemented a device intended for woodworking. The machine can be used both manually and as a part of a robotic cell.

The worked object is fed into the machine using an opening located on the front of the machine. The user initiates the desired drive, the object is locked in place and mill grinders inside the cabinet cut the piece.

The protective cabinet is made of plexiglass, ensuring good visibility. Special attention has been paid to woodchip removal in designing the machine. The aim has been to avoid horizontal surfaces and the bottom has a large suction funnel, make-up air follows the worked object and there’s a guide plate behind the grinders for wood chip management. To facilitate maintenance, the two walls of the cabinet can be opened. The SICK safety switches will stop the process if the doors are opened.

The operating system was designed based on the customer’s wishes. A screen included in the machine makes it easy to select the desired functions.

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