KUKA system partner

Now it is official. Probot Oy is now an official system partner with KUKA. With this agreement our collaboration with KUKA will continue even better than earlier. Now we can serve the local, finnish industry even more efficiently and enhance the productivity together. Read more about the robot systems we have made earlier:

Field tests with UGV proto

AFarCloud H2020 project collected partners together in Finland at the Kotipelto Farm in Ylivieska. Probot mobile platform proto carried and moved the measurement instruments of our partners (VTT). Our good international partners invented a lot of applications and to-do-s in different agricultural surroundings. There’s a lot to do in the fields!! (published in finnish

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Just a day at the office!

This film doesn’t need promotion. Starring P-Rob2 from F&P Robotics and UR5 from Universal Robots. The latter can be spotted today 26.5.2017 in TV; HulaHula Suomi, 21:00 Yle TV1.

New website!

Year 2017 is full of new ideas, new business models  and structures. In February we got new space for building even more and bigger Probots, though it is only one year since the current plant was set up! I started to do sales and marketing here at Probot in the beginning of the year, and

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