Mobile robots

The manufacture of various mobile robots is an important part of Probot Oy's operations. We have solutions for the fields, indoors and for transporting various loads. Below are few references of integration projects and projects that focus on our expertise in software and mechanics of mobile robotics. We integrate commercial platforms as well as build custom solutions for a variety of mobile robot needs.

Omron LD90


We integrated Omron mobile robot to handle indoor logistics between testing and production. The mobile robot was equipped with carts that are filled at the testing site and automatically moved to the production site. The system has fixed places for pickup and leaving the carts and the user interface was made for customer specific needs. The desired tasks are selected, and the robot executes them in the order given to it. The mobile robot avoids obstacles and avoids difficult places along its path by referring to the map and the defined transit areas taught to it.

Used technologies:
- Robot: Omron LD90 cart transporter
- Carts: Customised by Probot
- User interface and integration: Probot

Custom mobile robot


One of the custom mobile robot platforms we manufacture is in research use at the State Technology Research Center. The robot is designed for trajectory and route research. The robot has been and is being used in research and testing of various mobile technologies. In addition, research and development of power control has been carried out with the help of Schunk GmbH robot arm that is integrated to the mobile robot platform. The robot is equipped with a customer-specific ROS interface, which makes it easy to modify and deploy to different applications.

Cell components and technologies:
-The mobile robot module is based on a mobility module (2 pcs) developed by Probot Oy, including Motor Controllers, batteries and ROS interface.
-Frame Stainless steel
-Schunk arm, force control
-Payload 250 kg



The Rinki ™ robot is a device developed to automate repetitive work steps in small scale farming. It was developed as part of EU projects involving many international partners. The robot cultivates a circle-shaped area independently. The first Rinki robots are in use at Probot Oy's Haapajärvi test farm during the summer seasons. The two-wheeled mobile robot rotates the truss beam around the center point and operates the movements of the attached tools along the beam as well as in the height direction. This technique allows the entire circular cultivation area to be managed autonomously. The Rinki can be integrated with various tools for research or work phases.

Cell components and technologies:
- Robotic unit with wheels
- Truss beam attached to the center pillar
- Tool lowering mechanics
- Demo device tools: Planter and rake
- Automation system: Beckhoff

5G mobile robot


The wheeled robot platform based on mobile robot modules built by Probot oy was equipped with the robot arm of Kinova Robotics and was demoed at the presentation of the 5G network in Oulu. If you need mobile robot solutions for special needs, new sites and/or experiments just contact us!