Robot cells

Our passion is to introduce you to cutting edge robotics. We can integrate robots to your existing system or build up a whole new production line to you. We are specialists in robot software development and modernization, designing and making custom grippers. We not only deliver the robot, but also design and build the needed automation around it according to your special needs.

- Choosing the right robot for you; industrial robot, collaborative robot, mobile robot
- Robot software; Kuka, Fanuc, ABB, Motoman, Universal robots, Omron etc.
- Robot tool design and implementation
- Modernisation of existing automation/robotics
- Optimisation of existing systems

Machine tending


Machine tending application with two KUKA robots: KR210 and KR16 that work in cooperation. The bigger robot lifts the steel part from the pallet and moves it to the check point. Machine vision is integrated to check the appearance and dimensions of the parts and separate the discarded ones. If a part is in the acceptable range, the part is moved to the holder. The smaller robot then fastens the screws to attach the part. This robotic cell is working in connection to FMS automatic storage system that is in action at Sähkö-Rantek in Oulu. The rotation and movement of the pallets as well as the communication with the FMS system were also done by us.

System features:
- Robots: Kuka KR 210 R3100, Kuka KR 16 R2100
- Automation system: Beckhoff Twincat 3
- User interface: Probot Oy
- Machine vision quality control: Basler camera, Matrox machine vision programming

Pre-treatment cell


In this pre-treatment cell that we supplied, the robot (Kuka KR10) uses a shot blasting chamber and a coating unit with help of a rotary table. The robot picks up the pieces from the vibrators and places them in the jigs on the turntable. The cylinders on the table push the pieces in turn for processing. We adapted the cabinets and vibrators to work automatically and to handle five different pieces. The delivery included everything from design to procurement, the modification of the chamber and vibration units, work cycle and interface design, testing, installation and commissioning. The control was implemented with Beckhoff logic.

System features:
- Robot: Kuka KR 10
- Automation system: Beckhoff Twincat 3
- User interface: Probot Oy
- Blasting and coating chambers: modifications and automatization by Probot
- Turning table: Festo
- Heavy duty vibrators: Modifications by Probot

Collaborative cell


The Universal Robots UR10 collaborative robot was harnessed to operate two machining centers and a measuring device via a custom robotic track. The control of the system was done to meet the customer's need for unmanned operation and the use of two alternative machine tools. The system has pallet slots for blanks, finished and approved parts and parts rejected in the measuring.

System features:
-Blank picking and alignment; Sick machine vision camera, application Probot oy
-System control and interface
-Robot track
-Design and manufacture of a single gripper for handling of different parts
-Integration with Quaser and Cosmec machine tools

Delta robot


A prototype of a delta robot, whose task was to retrieve user-defined test points from the circuit board and test the operation of the circuits, was built for the customer. A machine vision-based solution was used for final alignment. A second version of this robot has since been built, which has been used for a variety of tasks from seed sorting to gingerbread decoration.