Robot dog paws at the top of technology

A robot dog is not just a robot dog. It’s walking mobile robotics, whose future uses we’ve only seen a fraction of.

We are honored to represent Unitree Robotics products in Europe. In the constantly growing selection, you can find products from consumer versions to weather-protected industrial versions. Unitree’s products are excellent development platforms for, for example, institutes that want a quick start for their walking robotics research.

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Unitree Go1 Pro

Excellent performance

The Unitree Go1 Pro robot dog is light and compact, but it has excellent performance. With the help of top features, you can use the robot dog for exactly the purposes that suit you.

  •  maximum speed 12.6 km/h
  •  weight 12 kg
  • 5 pairs of fisheye cameras
  •  smart tracking feature

Technical info

Unitree Go1 Pro


The versatility of the robot dog is based on features that can be widely used. In addition, you can program the robot dog by yourself.

Program the robot dog

In addition to the dog’s default settings, you can program it yourself for the purposes you want.

5 pairs of fisheye cameras

With a total of ten fisheye cameras the robot dog observes its

Tracking feature

Thanks to the intelligent tracking system, the robot dog walks by your side, for example when jogging.

Avoid obstacles

The robot dog can detect and avoid obstacles on its own.

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You can follow the antics of our adorable office dog on our social media channels! You can find the robot dog on social media with the hashtag #BadProbotDog.

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