Robot dog in TikTok

Probot Oy’s summer employees make robot dog videos for TikTok. Probot Oy is the representative of Unitree robot dogs in Finland.


On Monday, three young summer employees started working at Probot Oy, a robotics and automation company in Oulu. Their task is to make TikTok videos. They brainstorm, film, and edit the videos themselves, but also receive help and support from other Probot Oy staff, for example, for filming trips and asking for permission to film. The first filming trip on Wednesday (9.6) attracted a lot of attention and passers-by gathered to marvel at the robot dog.


As producers of next-generation robotics, we need to be very up to date on the next generation of workers as well! We wanted to hire these young TikTok experts to make the communication they look like, says Matti Tikanmäki, CEO of Probot Oy.


According to the summer employees, Juuso and Annika Tikanmäki and Joona Tomperi, filming TikTok videos as a summer job has been fun and quite ok.


Annika Tikanmäki, Juuso Tikanmäki, Joona Tomperi and robot dog Bisgi.


The first video was released yesterday (10.6) and can be found at:


The latest video:


Robotic dog

Brand: Unitree A1

Name: Bisgi

TikTok: BadProbotDog