Robot rental


Production cell with a collaborative robot

Are you looking for a persistent worker for your plant? Do you have seasonal need for extra labor?
Rent a robot! With monthly payment you’ll get a fully working collaborative robot in use at your site. You don't need to teach the work for it, we will customize and integrate it to work for you.

We can rent a mobile production cell with Universal Robot UR3, UR5 or UR10 on it. One robot can be used for multiple workstations and tasks. It has almost unlimited possibilities from assembly to packaging and pick-and-place applications. A robot is also a good attraction to your exhibition booth. We have plenty of ideas to boost your marketing!

Delta robot D3000

D3000 is our own Delta robot. It’s designed to do precise work like probing and testing. You can also use it for pick and place applications and it is capable of picking objects from conveyor outside the body of the robot. We will customize and integrate it to work for your needs.