Probot Oy is a specialist on robotics and automation
We have over 10 years experience in robot programming and creating new automation solutions. We are a reliable partner in robot integration independent of robot type. Our robot integration service includes everything from concept design until setup, assembly and production test. We also do 3D printing service and production system modernization.

Probot made modernisation for our cable reeling machine. The collaboration was good and they adapted well to our schedules. The machine has been working very well ever since!

Prysmian group

Ari Veteläinen
Head of Maintenance
It is easy to work with Probot since we speak the same language. Collaboration is smooth and pragmatic. Any challenge hasn't been too difficult to be solved, since their knowledge is so good in this area. Probot has made changes in packing and labelling automation.

Finnspring Oy

Juha-Jaakko Niemelä
Director, procurement and production
Too much heavy and repetitive work is done by people. Our passion is to free hands for more intelligent and valuable work and let the robot work for us. Enhance your production, enable heavy work and reduce injuries. Welcome cobots to your working environment and let us do the integration. We value your time.

Probot Oy

Antti Tikanmäki


  • Just a day at the office!

    This film doesn’t need promotion. Starring P-Rob2 from F&P Robotics and UR5 from Universal Robots. The latter can be spotted today 26.5.2017 in TV; HulaHula Suomi, 21:00 Yle TV1.