Robot programming


Modifying, optimizing, and increasing the functionality of robots are often recurring tasks in manufacturing facilities. We take care of the programming of our customers' robots and the optimization of processes whenever necessary. We do robot programming for all brands, but the most common brands are KUKA, Fanuc and ABB. Industries in which we have operated: Food industry, beverage industry, metal industry, cable manufacturing.

Logic programming


We modernize production equipment mostly with Beckhoff logic, but Omron, Siemens and many other brands have also become familiar.
We make changes to logic functionalities, hardware upgrades from motors to PLCs, process optimization, troubleshooting and repair in most brands and in many industries.

Design and modeling


Design and modeling of production lines and equipment. Our designers model production lines and production equipment from idea to concept. Often, these projects provide a good foundation for a future automation project. Visualisation is easy with the help of 3D models and these can also be taken to the virtual reality (VR) for viewing.

- Modeling
- 3D models
- VR models
- Automation
- Designing

Liila-information boards


Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy subcontracted the information board software for the Liila-information boards, with implemented communication with the city's (Oulu) data collection system, from us. The Liila information boards show the number of the pedestrians and cyclists using the route during the current day and year and in addition provide up-to-date information on, for example, route maintenance and weather. For the city, the system allows the collection of this real-time information and a possibility to see the changes in the long term. This data can then be used to further develop the pedestrian and bike lanes and routes. The boards are on main pedestrian and bike routes in Oulu.

Machine vision application


In this equipment, the camera is used to read the barcode and the 2 dates printed with the ink jet above and below the label. The information received is then compared to the ERP system data which is used as the basis of approval or rejection. Labels run on a line that automatically directs the incorrect ones to the box below. In addition to these, there are several features that can be tailored to suit each customer.

Machine vision inspection


The machine vision inspection equipment and software built in connection with the robot cell was made in accordance with the customer's quality requirements to replace the manual inspection of the size and shape of the water cut steel blank and the inspection of the part after machining. Tolerances were defined for different parts and shapes according to the customer 's quality requirements. To optimize the conditions for the machine vision system, a dark cabinet was built for the camera, into which the robot can bring a piece for shooting and inspection. Based on the results the robot places the part on the approved or the rejected parts pallet.

3D printing


We made 3D prints for the architectural firm Lukkaroinen Arkkitehdit's winning competition work for the Kuopio Bay Architecture Competition. We changed the format of the buildings designed by the architects to suit the 3D printer and printed the test versions as well as the final models in the desired scale for the competition.

Development projects


In collaborative projects between national and international design consortia, we have been able to model our own products and ideas in real and imaginary environments. We are involved in taking mobile robotics and automation to new areas and where there is a shortage of craftsmen or the work is heavy and stressful for humans.

OnRobot Products


We represent OnRobot grippers and tools. You can read more here!