FlexiGroBots platform

Probot Oy participates in FlexiGroBots, a project aiming to develop a platform for mission control of heterogeneous multi-robot systems for precision agriculture operations.


FlexiGroBots -project logo


Through theFlexiGroBots platform, the project aims to empower roboticist, engineers, and service providers to build and deploy flexible heterogeneous multi-robot systems in the Agri-Food sector, while also providing various benefits to farmers around the world:

  • Versatility for using the same robots for different observation and intervention tasks throughout the crop life cycle
  • Cooperation between ground and aerial robots for more complex missions
  • Relevant data to power AI-driven agricultural operations
  • Autonomy for real-time adaptation of mission plans and robots’ behaviour at crop level
  • Precision in agricultural operations to carry out accurate tasks, hence reducing costs and environmental footprint


Rypsipelto / Rapeseed field


The FlexiGroBots has three real-life pilots one in Spain, second in Finland and third in Serbia and Lithuania. In the Finnish pilot time-critical pest management and robotization of heavy machinery fleets in grassland management are demonstrated.

Involved in the project there are 16 partners:  Atos  (Spain), Spanish  National  Research  Council –CSIC  (Spain),  Seresco  (Spain), Bodegas  Terras  Gauda  (Spain), Centre  for  European  Policy  Studies -CEPS (Belgium), Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands), International Data Spaces Association –IDSA(Germany), BioSense Institute (Serbia), Zeleni hit (Serbia), Art 21 (Lithuania), AgriFood Lithuania, Agrosmart (Latvia), Probot OY  (Finland), Natural Resources  Institute  Finland–LUKE  (Finland), VTT  Technical  Research  Centre (Finland), and MTECH Digital Solutions (Finland).



Coordinated by:           Atos Spain

Grant Agreement:       101017111

Topic:                             ICT-46-2020- Robotics in Application Areas and Coordination & Support

Funded under:             H2020-EU.2.1.1.

Start date:                     1 Jan 2021

End date:                      31 Dec 2023

Overall budget:            € 8 154 443, 75

Funding:                        € 6 994 721



Project webpage: https://flexigrobots-h2020.eu/

First press release: https://flexigrobots-h2020.eu/news/1st-official-press-release